Final Piala Malaysia

It was a great and full-of-laugh night :D Me. cousins. and friends had so much fun and the night got more exciting when Kelantan's team won the game! Yay! Haha. Let the pictures speak okay? 

The tickets. Home before moved to Stadium Shah Alam

Ahaa candid :P

Cousins. Before the game

Before taking our seats inside the stadium

AWESOME crowds ;DD

cousins and friend. During 15mins break tehee :p

Game is over. Kelantan won! (y)

On our way to the car park. Taking picture with the polices and horses ;)

While waiting for the car to move out from the car park

2 hours waiting ;p

Fun. Cousins and friends. 

Last shot! :D

All the pictures above are the chosen ones cause I got more than hundreds picture taken on that night. Yeah all of us are best camwhoring partners haha! Glad that Kelantan won the game and its worth the money we spent for tickets and jerseys. The traffic jammed. The time and spirit as well :) 

Its 5 in the morning and guess I should have my beauty sleep now. Goodnight!



long way

I'm now in second semester of my degree. And it will come to an end in a few weeks time. Yeah time flies! I've been through so many things since my last post in here haha hell yeah of course! Not knowing the exact reason I'm back here but one thing that I'm very sure is that I just feel like writing about me. people I care. my surrounding and etc. And so far the best medium is here, my abandoned blog :P

Guess I feel comfortable and getting used to my current life now. Being surrounded by supportive and beloved family and friends, that's more than enough for me. I won't ask for more other than being able to live on my own and make others happy to have me in their life. It is such a bless to see people smiling because of you isn't it?

Staying in my own rental house with ten others is quite challenging. I really have to do everything on my own and think deeply before taking any action in whatever I do. Alhamdulillah until today, I still manage to handle everything well. Plus it is such an advantage to have a skill in cooking tho its not as good as the mom's :p I hope things are gonna be fine in whatever condition that I have to face.

classmates since the first day of class and stay together in the same class until now


best buddies. best girlfriends. best sleeping partners along my degree life :)

All of them are some of the people who always being with me since I started my life here as a degree student. Except for my three housemates which are there in the picture, I just know them when I moved in to this house in Kg Baru. Only Allah knows how grateful I am to have these people by my side when I'm away from my family and my other close friends. And away from that one person that I love the most besides those people that I have mentioned. I miss him. 

Its hard to live your life the other way you used to live it, but bear in mind that nothing is impossible. Have faith in yourself and keep believing that there's always a way to achieve your dreams. Make an effort and pray to Allah so that you'l be showed to what's best for you, live in a good life and be blessed with Him.

Goodnight, Xo!



I wish I could play guitar so I can play any song by myself to make me feel wayyyyy better. its damn bored to be at home doing nothing. how can I stand like this for another 3months ??? I just have no idea and cannot thinking what to do. hell yeah Im useless ! 
bye people !



last day in UMT :(

hello people!
Hoorayy cz finally I finished packing all the stuff :) tho its jus a few more minutes before Im going home. alaa biasala keje last minute kan -,- never thought I brought so many things. haha. no wonder I felt like evrythings complete when Im over here hihii.
done with the packaging thingyyy. start dah feeling sad kesobs :( Im gonna leave this great place and all my buddies here huwaa. tho I dont feel comfortable at first, but I started to fall in love living here. start to become close with roommates and friends but its okay, I chose this way so Ive to stay strong right ? pindah uni dalam malaysia je punn =.= I can come here again anytime Im free and got much much money heheh :P
so here I show u guys my very best buddies in umt. act they're from the same matric as mine.

here we are : gja, tiz and me :)
orientation week
hangout :D

I guess thats all for now cz my dad already gave me a call saying he'l be here momentarily. bye people and bye bye UMT !!! :'(